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Dr Rowe provides high quality, one-on-one, experienced physical therapy services  to people with injuries or medical conditions that limit their ability to move, balance and perform their best in their everyday living and playing. Appointments, are available via telehealth or in our new airy, spacious clinic at 667 Chenery St, San Francisco. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Living Healthy Physical Therapy is to achieve the best pain free movement, balance and performance possible in anyone with injuries and/or medical conditions that limit their everyday living and playing.


To accomplish this, Dr Rowe will provide sensitive, holistic, individualized and well researched treatment  implementing the following three core values:

  • Provide Exceptional Care

  • Facilitate a Change for the Better

  • Enhance Lifelong Potential

It takes a team to attain your movement goals. Dr Rowe will work with you and any other professional or family members you would like to engage in your healing journey. Together  we will Achieve your Physical Therapy goals to bring about Improved Movement in your journey to a Pain-Free life.


Achieve your PT goals at home,

at work, in sports, school and in everyday play.



Improve pain, mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture and movement quality.

Girl Stretching


Move your whole body (joints, muscles, arms, legs, back and neck) more freely with less or no pain.

running up staris


Together we will design a treatment program unique to you

based on the results of your evaluation. Together we can also work with

other professionals of your choosing to enhance and optimize healing.


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Dr. Kylie Rowe PT

I have a passion for working with adults and children with many orthopedic and neurological conditions that limit their ability to achieve their best movement at home, at work, in school, in sports or everyday play. For over 30 years, I have worked with people of all ages with movement and balance limitations resulting from falls, sports or work injuries, car accidents, special abilities, illness and just plain old wear and tear.


In my practice, I bring much-needed high quality, one on one experienced physical therapy services within the city of San Francisco via telehealth and in my new clinic location in the Glen Park neighbourhood. I am committed to working with the whole person seeing them through their unique situations as their personal Physical Therapist. My professional approach to evaluation is holistic and individualized, utilizing well researched treatment strategies to achieve movement goals. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to: working with people diagnosed with chronic pain, neck and back injuries, balance issues, shoulder, hip and knee joint problems (including post surgical recovery) and arthritic conditions.


Born and raised in Australia, I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 1986. Adventure, family and work brought me to the US where my professional work and education has continued over the years. Upon the completion of my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of South Dakota in 2014, I was offered a position as a professor of Physical Therapy at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. While there, I ran the University based outpatient clinic in addition to instructing students in advanced clinical problems, therapeutic exercise, physical therapy modalities and patient care. Living Healthy Physical Therapy is the realization of a dream to facilitate the physical wellbeing of individuals within our community…a dream inspired by a long career of treating, educating and serving.

"..May your heart know the patience that can draw infinity from limitation."​

- John O'Donahue


Kylie E Rowe PT, DPT, BAppSc

Certified SAIL Program Leader








Free Consultation

15 minutes

Not sure about Physical Therapy? Let’s set up a time to chat for 15 minutes, discuss your problem and determine if we will be a good match.



90 minutes

Your very first visit for your current condition will start here with your history of injury and a few tests and movements to discover your limitations.

Balance Evaluation

90 minutes

This involves comprehensive testing and beginning treatment for anyone who has had falls or near falls in the past 6 months.

Follow Up Visits

60 minutes

In these sessions, we will progress your home program, reassess when necessary, work on the activities you are trying to improve. I will also help you find online and recommended resources to  purchase (if needed) to enable you to complete your program efficiently and effectively. Treatments are carefully chosen to ensure no aggravation and may include the services listed below. 

  • Manual Therapy 

  • Therapeutic Exercise and Activity

  • Neuromuscular Reeducation

  • Postural Correction 

  • Taping

  • Modality Instruction

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This service establishes your physical baseline and progression (or loss) each year using evidence based tests. Things that are assessed are your balance, your strength, your flexibility and your endurance. This can be done in conjunction with your physician.

Video Run/walk Analysis

For this analysis, I video you running on a treadmill and take photos to help you determine  what deficits you may have in your running  or walking style.  


Live Healthy, Live with Less Pain, AIM Together to reduce that pain in a free group class. 

Other classes coming in the future:

  • Balance classes

  • Osteoporosis classes


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