Covid -19 Protocols at LHPT

In this 540 square foot facility with two open air doors and a deck, only Dr Rowe and her client (and one- or two-family screened members, if required) will be present during each session.

Clients are emailed a symptom check list i.e. self-screen prior to their appointment with guidance to stay at home and get tested if they or members of the household have experienced symptoms on the day of their appointment or within the last 14 days. If email is unavailable, then a client is called and screened by phone.

Clients are asked to arrive no sooner than on time to minimize contact with other clients and allow for cleaning between clients. If a client arrives late, their session will not be able to be extended.

All intake paperwork is done via DocuSign and most billing is done via Square online to minimize contact. (Medicare clients will receive a paper bill via USPS if they have a copay or deductible to be met) Paper format is also available for those who do not use computers and that do not have access to email. Appropriate sanitization measures are taken when paper forms are required. All forms of payment are accepted.


Treatment table and gym mats are disinfected between clients.

Dr Rowe self-screens prior to work and understands to stay home or leave work and notify clients if ill.

Dr Rowe appropriately sanitizes hands and gloves before, after and frequently throughout the client session.

Dr Rowe and her clients wear face masks. Where a mask is not appropriate (valve masks are not accepted) or unavailable, Dr Rowe will provide one.

Dr Rowe maintains physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart except when needed to come closer to assist with exercise guidance and/or provide manual therapy.

The clinic is aired out with fresh air between appointments. When fresh air is unavailable (e.g. poor air quality days) an air purifier is used.

Clients may cancel appointments without penalty.

High touch areas and equipment are regularly disinfected even during client sessions.

Hand sanitizer and a sink with soap and water are available to clients throughout the session.

ADA compliant Bathroom is disinfected regularly.